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                                                                                Bluewolf Travel Log      

     A locally owned business,  the Bluewolf Motel welcomes you to Oakridge, Oregon.  This travel log takes you on a short tour of the surrounding beauty here in  the majestic Willamette National Forest and the town of Oakridge.  Narrated by "Timber The Wolf",  who lives here at the Bluewolf Motel, and is ready to meet you and your family while you enjoy a restful night's sleep before exploring the many wonders this area has to offer.

2003- 2014

August 20, 2014

To the friends of Timber,

Timber passed away peacefully today. he was aprox. 11 years old. I got him in 2005. His free spirit made him quite a challenge to have,especially during his younger years. Timbers strength and independence helped inspire me to go forward to a big change my life. That is why I named my Motel after him. With great promotional marketing from my motel managers, Timber became quite the icon at the "World Famous" Bluewolf Motel. People from everywhere would always request to visit with Timber. Timber loved to explore. It was never too cold for him and the more the snow the better. He loved the rivers and the woods of Oregon, enjoyed chasing antelope in Wyoming and visiting with his dogie friends on the beaches near Santa Barbara. He also loved going to dog parks.There is so much to say about Timber's life and I'm sure he will be remembered by everyone who met him

Written by Bill Siemon

The Grounds     
       The Bluewolf Motel is a locally owned and pet friendly.  We are located on the way to outdoor adventure and breathtaking scenery.  We offer a variety of guest accomodations to suit all your needs.  Just minutes away from mountain biking, trail hiking, river and lake fishing, boating, hunting, and both water skiing and snow skiing.

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Your view from the Bluewolf Motel
Every room has a view of the beautiful Willamette National Forest.  The Bluewolf is surrounded by lush forest and breathtaking landscapes.  Just a five minute walk from your room and you'll be standing on the banks of the Willamite River in Osprey Park.