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Oakridge, Oregon

Bluewolf Motel

Clean, Comfortable, and Affordable

A young Johnny Rios shows off his new car in 1958.  In the background in the original Ridgeview Motel built in 1950.

Over the weekend of August 21-23 we had the pleasure of hosting the Oakridge High School class of 1960 reunion in the Wolf Den. A very special member of that class, Johnny Rios, was on hand to recreate the 1958 picture on our "About Us" page. We want to thank everybody that enjoyed themselves here at the Bluewolf Motel and especially Johnny Rios for posing for this very special picture. We thought it might be fun to take Johnny Rios back in time to pose once again with his classic car and the Ridgeview Motel in the background..


                                                History of the Bluewolf Motel
     Built in 1950 during the peak of the post war building boom,  the Ridgeview Motel of Willamette City was in the center of the lucrative timber industry. Located midway between Westfir and Oakridge it was the halfway point between the two lumber mills. The motel was named after the mountain ridge that surrounded the area. In 1972 the city of Oakridge annexed the unincorporated Willamette City.
     Over the years the mills downsized and eventually all shut down completely, which left Oakridge in a somewhat depressed state. The Ridgeview Motel sold several times during the slow period due to the staggering economy.
     Because of the beauty of the area in the middle of the Willamette National Forest and all it has to offer, Oakridge is branded "The Center of  Oregon Recreation". The area now has a new image that continues to grow.

     In August 2005 Bill Siemon purchased the Ridgeview Motel.   When he was painting the front of the building , the patrons at the restaurant across the street,  joking about the fact that he was painting it blue and the visible fact that he should have worn a belt to hold his pants up better ,  nicknamed it the "Blue Moon Motel".  Bill  wanted to rename the motel after his pet wolf dog Timber, so an old friend came up with Blue Wolf Motel.  In March of 2008 the name was officially changed to The Bluewolf Motel.

         A look at the Bluewolf's Namesake

We are continually making improvements. We've just added a new  outdoor kitchen and barbecue area called The Wolf Den (see our Wolf Den page above), new furniture and lighting, 32" flat screen TV's in every room, and super fast internet.  Our goal is to do whatever it takes to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.  Room inspections are welcome and of course any comments good  or bad are encouraged.